The Most Dramatic Girl in the World

by Yining Ma

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Based on real life experiences.

Huge thanks to Barb Dwyer and Jorge Silva Rodighiero for creating artworks for this EP.

My music here will always be free/name your price unless it's for a charity.
For this EP please consider giving generously so I can payback the amazing artists.

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released March 6, 2016

Cover art by Barb Dwyer
Picture editing by MidNight The Magnificent
Track art for Tearfall & Fear, and the Fear of Fear by Jorge Silva Rodighiero
Songs written and performed by Yining Ma
Special thanks to Ivana Jiménez Juárez and all the Sloths



all rights reserved


Yining Ma Shanghai, China

I sit at the piano and let things happen.

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Track Name: The Most Dramatic Girl in the World
You don't have to listen to this song
If you do you don't need to believe what it says
I don't know which part is true and which parts I made up
You see, I am the most dramatic girl in the world

When I was ten my pencil kept disappearing
I told the teacher, she said "Well be more careful with it."
One day I hid behind the curtain during recess
Leaving my pencil on my desk as bait
I saw a boy came in, picked it up, and threw it out of the window
He was the brightest boy in our class trade mark
I dragged him to the teacher and she looked at me
The boy said it was only a playful joke
I don't remember how it ended, I must have suppressed it out of embarrassment and shame
Why, why is it always like this
Sorry, I'm so sorry.
I'm the most dramatic girl in the world.
I know...

When I was sixteen I lost my best friend
I was sad and numb and I lost all motivation
I was failing all exams and sleep abandoned me
On the radio someone was reading their autobiography
And I tell my mum I think I have depression
I match all of the symptoms they described in the book
"It's a big word you can't have it. Go outside and be happy."
I hate the word happy and I hate why I can't be happy
And at peace like normal people...
Why, why is it always like this
Sorry, I'm so sorry.
I'm the most dramatic girl in the world.
I know...

When I was twenty-five I worked in an university
I told a student to obey the rule
He cornered me in a lift to argue
He wouldn't let me go home
I was scared and called the school police
I wrote an email informing my boss, praying I'd be forgiven
At the same time I was so fightened
The next day my boss came to me
"I'm sorry this happened. But don't take it as a big deal. It happens a lot.
"It just happened to happen to you this time."

That afternoon I heard the student had filed a complaint against me
I was pouring my emotion on the situation
I dismissed a student's voice
If he was very passionate he apologize...
My boss asked me to write a documentation of my version of the events
My fingers shook slightly as I tried to type
If I will them to still they will...
But my heard would pound hard like it was angry...

I'm so sorry I was just scared
I'm so sorry please don't fire me, don't hurt me
Why, why is it always like this
Sorry, I'm so sorry.
I'm the most dramatic girl in the world.
I know...